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The therapeutic hand mitt can be used hot or cold and it has a number of uses. Great for karpel tunnel, arthritis, or any type of hand injury.  


Size: adult hand size 7" long x 5" wide


Weight: 2 lbs 


Color: color and patterns change, will send pics of available fabric


fabric: 100% cotton flannel


Filling: Jasmine Rice

Washing instructions: Wash by hand in cold water, rinse thoroughly and let air dry completely before using.

How to use:

  • Heat: Place in microwave and heat for approximately 1 minute. Heat in 20 second increments until desired temperature is reached. Warning: can cause burns if overheated.
  • Heat: Place in dry frying pan and heat over low to medium heat turning over to distribute heat. Do not leave unattended!!
  • Cool: Place in Ziploc bag (so as not to pick up freezer odors) then place in freezer for a minimum of two hours.