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Mother's Essentials is a great addition to any mothers arsenal to survive the first year. Baby bottle warmer, matching eye pillow and a boo boo crusher is included. Great for both breast fed or formula fed babies.

Bottle warmer: place bottle in microwave oven to heat a cold bottle. Will keep a bottle warm for 2 hours. Washable.
Boo Boo Crusher: Heat, it’s great for soothing crying babies and ear aches. When used cold great for bumps and
bruises as well as a fever reducer. Great for sore breasts
Eye pillow: can be used hot or cold for babies or for Moms. Not just for the eyes! Helpful to apply on clogged
breast ducts to help avoid a breast infection.

Filling: Jasmine Rice

Color: fabric choices are different than shown. Will email you fabric choices.

Washing instructions: wash by hand in cold water, rinse thoroughly and let dry completely before using. 
Heating Instructions for bottle warmer: Place in microwave or heat in a frying pan and heat for approximately 2 minute. Heat in 10 second increments until desired temperature is reached. Eye pillow and boo boo crusher: heat for approximately 30 seconds. Warning: can cause burns if overheated.

Cool pack instructions: Place in plastic bag and place in freezer for at least 2 hours